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visit , Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare , cooperation with the director - general of the cooperation of labour and social welfare , the central province of chemical company halal pouyan Arak / / / chemical company halal pouyan Arak to protect the environment in planting tree - planting and increase 15% of green space to plant / / / firm solvent pouyan Arak honour that butyl acetate on the Grid اورتان for the first time in Iran , which produce before it, and from abroad . So reliance on the high quality of the product , with its export shipments to Central Asia and the United Arab Emirates , Iran's proud flag .                                                                                                        


  • Research and development

    Snoopy solvent Chemical Co. research and development unit in order to organize and expand its Arak research activities carried out and address the challenges and needs an important role in the company. The center is the main responsible for the definition, implementation and management of research activities required the approval of the company.

    The main objectives of this unit:

    • Improving the quality and quantity of production
    • Quality, Health, Safety, Environment
    • Stability and increase revenue
    • Review and improve enterprise systems
    • Reducing technical problems and eliminate production bottlenecks research projects in line
    • Reduce production costs
    • Improve product quality
    • Increased profitability
    • Efficient use of human resources
    • Create value and enhance competitiveness
    • Produce and deliver practical results of research activities
    • Strengthening effective communication between companies and universities, research institutes and companies to expand the knowledge base and transfer of information, knowledge and technology company