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visit , Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare , cooperation with the director - general of the cooperation of labour and social welfare , the central province of chemical company halal pouyan Arak / / / chemical company halal pouyan Arak to protect the environment in planting tree - planting and increase 15% of green space to plant / / / firm solvent pouyan Arak honour that butyl acetate on the Grid اورتان for the first time in Iran , which produce before it, and from abroad . So reliance on the high quality of the product , with its export shipments to Central Asia and the United Arab Emirates , Iran's proud flag .                                                                                                        

Quality control unit

  • Quality control laboratory

    Quality control laboratory chemical company solvent Snoopy Arak in its macro policy strategy that is customer orientation, trying to choose the finest raw materials, taking advantage of the most extensive technical knowledge and strict monitoring of production quality, our products always comply with the standards numerous international customer satisfaction in terms of quality and efficiency of the supply, the unit is equipped with a large and modern laboratory facilities and specialist personnel, and to monitor the procurement of raw material from different sources, the best and most quality Select the raw material and the analysis of the material in accordance with international standards and confirmed, for consumption into the production line. Quality control testing of materials and products in order to comply with national and international standards at all stages of the purchase of raw materials to its entry into the production line during the production process and ultimately the final products, it is done accurately and regularly to all which is expected to be appropriately fulfilled

  • testing laboratory

    Chemical solvent-based testing laboratory Snoopy Arak 17025 ISO / IEC implementation and testing laboratories, the company has developed a system that is independent of any legal responsibility to maintain all services provided to customers and after the current quality management system requirements and technical standards in the laboratory, in order to meet the requirements of this standard policy definition based on the quality policy and quality objectives to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction by providing services Laboratory quality Vbkargyry professional approach and has identified national and international standard methods