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visit , Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare , cooperation with the director - general of the cooperation of labour and social welfare , the central province of chemical company halal pouyan Arak / / / chemical company halal pouyan Arak to protect the environment in planting tree - planting and increase 15% of green space to plant / / / firm solvent pouyan Arak honour that butyl acetate on the Grid اورتان for the first time in Iran , which produce before it, and from abroad . So reliance on the high quality of the product , with its export shipments to Central Asia and the United Arab Emirates , Iran's proud flag .                                                                                                        

About hallal pooyan

  • History

    Hallalpooyan company with the aim of producing linear esters by prospering specialized and very well experienced personnel has established and put into operation in line in 1997. The company is situated near Arak petrochemical complex. At present by possessing superior technical knowledge, quality control labs and modern production system with annually capacity of 24000 tones is able to produce and answer special orders in and out of the country according to international standards and provide Industrialists especially paint industry. Now hallal pooyan co. is honor to produce butyl acetate in urethane grade for the first time in iran.therefore by prospering the high quality of our products and exporting some shipments to middle asia and UAE, we are honor to elate our proud flag.

  • Raw materials sources

    Raw materials are including acid acetic as basic acid and Alcohols connected with products such as: normal butanol, ethanol, iso butanol, methoxy, propanol, ethylene glycol mono butyl ether, diethylene glycol mono butyl ether,2-ethyl hexanol isopropanol .

  • The sources of raw materials

    Our company provide its acid acetic from shazand and fanavaran petrochemical companies, defense industries of Esfahan and if needed some countries of middle Asia and also the preparation of n-butanol, isobutanol,2-ethyl hexanol is by shazand petrochemical co. ,providing methanol from shiraz petrochemical co. and also glycol ethers and methoxy propanol via importing .

  • The productions

    Ethyl Acetate
    Isobutyl Acetate
    n-Butyl Acetate
    Metoxypropyl acetate
    Butyl glycol acetate
    Butyl diglycol acetate
    Methyl Acetate
    2-Ethyl Hexyl Acetate


  • The quality control

    The quality control section is one of the most sensitive and significant sections of the company by prospering up-date knowledge of industrial universe and the most modern equipments and measuring devices (GC, karlfisher ,resistometer,COD) under control of specialist and very experienced personnel. There for we can constantly control our whole inputs and outputs according to acceptable standards to ensure the ongoing products excellence as a reliable reference.

  • Area

      10.627 Hic spatium quadratum metris